Separate beach

The Separate Beach- Days of activity of the separate beach (a beach adapted for the orthodox population):

Women- Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

Men- Monday, Wednesday and Friday + holiday eves

Rescue station hours:

April- 08:00-16:30

May- 07:00-18:00

June- 07:00-18:00

July- August- 07:00-19:00

September- 07:00-18:00

October- 07:00-17:00

Saturdays and HolidaysThe beach will remain closed with no rescue services.

The beach offers a service called Chofix of beach chairs, tanning beds, parasols and tables for subsidized rental between May and September. This beach was awarded the prestigious “Blue Flag” international standard.

  • Separate beach, Ashdod
  • 08-8676891