Orot Ashdod

Permanent Light Display

“Lights of Ashdod”

A Breathtaking Light Display That Operates for Free on Thursday Evenings

In the City Square at 20:30

And at Ashdod Sea Park at 21:00

Route Featuring Lighting Effects, Video Art Projections, Water Screens, and Holograms

On Buildings and Attractions in the City of Ashdod

Coordination for Groups by Phone:

Shirley – 08-8545210

Operation for Groups in “Lights of Ashdod” 250 NIS (regardless of the number of participants)

Initiated by The Ashdod Tourism Association, Ashdod Municipality, and the Ministry of Tourism, with an investment of millions of shekels, the project “Lights of Ashdod” is hitting the road, positioning Ashdod alongside major world cities like Barcelona, Paris, New York, and more.

“Lights of Ashdod” is a luminary art route that spans about 800 meters, and its production took over a year and a half. The display combines video art projections, video mapping, lighting effects, lasers, water screens, and holograms. For the first time in Israel, it presents a permanent tourist display of lights and effects, operational throughout the year!

The “Lights of Ashdod” route starts at the City Hall building, where a breathtaking display unfolds on the building itself. An artistic and unique narrative about the city of Ashdod, the sea, the port, and its unique heritage. From there, lighting effects will lead the audience to the next station – Monart Museum, where a spectacular presentation on the walls of the building will immerse you in a dive into the depths of the sea.

At the end of the presentation at Monart Museum, the audience will proceed towards Ashdod Sea Park, guided by directional lighting effects. There, at the end of the entire tour, on the shores of the sea, the audience will experience one of the highlights of the display – a video art celebration on a giant water screen, which will also be integrated with an upgraded water fountain during the month of June.

Another station that is planned and will be completed after the presentation at the museum is located in the Summit building near the Arts Center. There, a jumping laser display on the building will serve as a transition point for the continuation of the route – Ashdod Sea Park.

Free Admission!

Photo Credit: Mike Adri


Photo Gallery Below: Nir Ruvitsky

Orot Ashdod video